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100 Themes Challenge

I've been meaning to do this for a long while and figured that the best time for one to start such a challenge is when one has realized how close one is being to giving up on art completely. So here's to hoping I can rekindle my love for art instead of just reducing it to doodles made out of boredom.


I am starting with Variation 3, and, if I finish it, will do the other variations later.

1. Blink -…
2. Wedding -…
3. Fantasy -…
4. Lock and Key -…
5. Heart -…
6. Poison -…
7. Fairy - Needs to be Scanned in
8. Panties - Needs to be Scanned in
9. Stitch
10. Manga/Comic Strip
11. Dragon
12. Mario
13. Edgar Allen Poe
14. Mask
15. Sword
16. Web
17. Vampire
18. Zodiac
19. Bones
20. Phoenix
21. Deviantart
22. Eygptian
23. Anthro
24. Cosplay
25. Chains
26. Action
27. Chibi
28. After A Battle
29. Art Trade
30. Original Character
31. Realistic
32. Moonlight
33. Holiday
34. One Shape
35. Fruit
36. Midnight
37. Elf
38. Pageviews
39. Henshin (Transformation)
40. Fear
41. Under Water
42. Future
43. Mascot
44. Wings
45. New Art Medium
46. During A Battle
47. Vortex
48. Progress
49. Upside Down
50. Unseen
51. Flag
52. Princess
53. Prince
54. King
55. Queen
56. Sharp
57. Fading
58. No Color
59. Censored
60. East Meets West
61. Hologram
62. Tattoo
63. Dirt
64. Dinosaur
65. What If....
66. Portal
67. Lace
68. Envy
69. Study
70. End of the World
71. Graffiti
72. Silhouette
73. Robot
74. Tutorial
75. Death
76. Movie
77. Bird
78. Fun
79. Teeth
80. Jewelry
81. Anniversary
82. Fav TV Show
83. Chaos
84. Fashion
85. Wood
86. 86
87. Circle
88. Bunny
89. Ice Cream
90. Goth
91. Scar
92. Redesign
93. Fast
94. Stamp
95. Sparkle
96. X
97. ID
98. Buttons
99. Space
100. Rocket



Elf Princess
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a hobbyist artist who dabbles in a wide variety of different art forms, from drawing and painting to sculpting and sewing.

Currently, I am a college student majoring in psychology. I have finished my Associate's degree and am now looking towards 2-3 years for my Bachelor's. After that, I aim to take on courses towards a Master's, and possibly even a Ph.D.

Because of my busy schedule with work and school, I do not have the time to thank everyone for their favorites on my work, nor to reply to every comment. I do try to keep up with replying to comments, but that's not always how it works out. So if you do not receive a reply, don't worry, I did see it.
I would like to thank everyone for any favorites, watches, or comments that you might give me and/or my work.

Current Residence: My Imagination
Favourite genre of music: Depends on the song.
Favourite photographer: Dina Gates
Favourite style of art: ... Anime/Manga... Pixel Art... and Advanced Stick Figures (Belong to the Three Friends.)
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Sony? Uhm... Black or Blue?
Shell of choice: I dunno what kind of shells they are, but the look like Unicorn horns... (Seashell.)
Wallpaper of choice: Fantasy
Skin of choice: Erm... Pale? O.o
Favourite cartoon character: Higurashi nNKn = Sonozaki Shion; Queen's Knight = Schiller Licht; Bleach = lshida Uryuu
Personal Quote: Speak not of what you have done or are going to do; just do it and let it speak for itself.


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Current Events - Moved + Etsy Shop Reopened

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 1:03 PM

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconcommissionsonhold: :iconpointcommissionsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:

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How to Keep a Story Interesting    ..::..    Observation on Shoulders (See Tutorial also.)    ..::..    How to Give Constructive Criticism/Comments


I have made it to my destination... A month ago. Internet here is terrible and since I'm living with my boyfriend and his family, I can't get better internet until I can find a job and move out. Unless we can get our ClearWire thing to work. We looked up the reviews, and most were terrible. But a few people said that it sucked, but when they moved, it got better. I'm guessing it depends on location. So we decided to try it out (it is a month to month service, so we can cancel at any time without a fee & if we cancel within 15 days of the start of our service, we get a 100% refund) and see if we might get lucky. It didn't work today, but we're gonna look at it tomorrow & call the company to see if we missed doing something during set-up.

If anyone has any suggestions for high-speed/wifi internet (cannot be cable because cable is already in use at this house), please let me know!

Anyways, the internet is good enough that I can get on to check on things and upload occasionally. And if I need to, I can walk down to the local mall, McDonald's, Starbucks, or some other free wifi hotspot and check things from there until I can get better internet. Since I can get on at least once a day, I have reopened my Etsy shop ( ) and have relisted the things that didn't sell before my move on eBay (… ). I have listed a few new items on Etsy and will be uploading a couple more in the near future. The only art supplies I have unpacked/easy to access are my clay supplies, so I will be making more clay figurines to sell on Etsy during my free time until I get a job.


Alright, I am nearing my moving date. Yesterday was my last day of work. I have booked my Dad a flight out here so he can help me move and I have reserved my moving truck. In a little more than a week, I will be on my way back to the West coast.


Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know that I have made a FaceBook page, where I upload some of my art (sometimes even before I upload it to dA!) and where I will be hosting giveaways and offering discounts for items in my Esty shop. Please check it out at this… !

My literature class this semester has been keeping me busy, so I have not had as much time to work on art projects as I would have liked. Especially in these few weeks. Most of what I have been posting is stuff I finished before my lit class started. I have slowly been getting to the pictures I took of them and fixing them so they look like the actual product and putting them together for the images that are just different angles of the same item. For those of you who watch my photography account, I have loads of pictures still to upload from this last summer as well as... well, a lot of others from previous years that I still need to sort through. For those who watch my stock account, you wouldn't believe how many bases I have sitting around waiting to be finished. I just haven't really been in the mood to work on 2D projects. I may work on some next time I get some free time, though, since I haven't uploaded anything to that account in a while.

I have decided that I will just wait until March to move west, and will start looking for a second job sometime around the end of this month, after my classes have started to slow down. I have sold a lot of my things on eBay, though I still have lots of manga, a couple of Indiana Jones computer games, and a bunch of TY Beanie Babies. I am also still interested in selling my flute, however, would like to take it in to a music shop to see if I can get a decent price out of it from them. If you are interested in buying it, I am hoping for $200 for it, but I am willing to haggle (please no unreasonable offers).


I spent the summer working on hats, clay ponies, and other such projects. :) Feeling accomplished about that. Classes have started up again for me. This is my last semester in working towards my associates, as I only need the two classes I am taking now. Both are online classes, which means more work than if I were taking normal classes, but I will still have more time to work on art projects once I get into the groove of things. Just need to figure out how to best pace myself so that I don't over-stress myself.

In August, I visited my boyfriend, Throndir , in WA and decided that it is time for me to move. I was there for two weeks, and all the health issues I've had here in TN were unnoticeable the whole time I was there. As soon as I got off the plane and exited the airport, everything hit me again. :/ I guess that's to be expected of living in a place considered to be the worst for allergies. Anyways, I decided that I want to move to WA to finish my schooling. I planned on transferring for my bachelor's degree anyways, so as soon as this semester is over and I have enough money saved up, I will be moving to WA. Moving to WA is also something I would like to do for my relationship with Throndir .

My goal is to move in December, as soon as classes are over, although it looks like I may have to wait until March. Calculating everything out, I'll need at least $5k. $2-3k of that would be to pay for the moving truck, gas, hotels, and food for moving across the country. The remaining $2-3k would be for paying for my first month or two of living while I search for a job. Luckily, my brother, dehydromon , has agreed to move with me, so we plan to get a two bedroom and split the bills. It will make it a bit easier on us, since he is saving up money for his share of the bills.

Unfortunately, because of issues with financial aid at school, I had to pay for my classes myself, which was just about all of my savings. Because of this, I have had to start from scratch in saving up for the move. It looks like, with my working, I will have somewhere between $2-3k by December... Which means I will not have enough to pay for an apartment and bills, let alone food and transportation, when I get there. I won't rely on my brother to cover for me, so if I can't raise enough funds by selling stuff, I will have to wait a few more months.

If you would like to help me towards my goal and buy something I am selling, please feel free to check out my eBay [ ], where I am selling a bunch of my manga, TY beanie babies, and video games, or my Etsy store [… ], where I am selling hats, chainmaille bracelets, pony figurines, and other things I have made. Some things are not yet listed, as on eBay, I can only sell up to ten listings or $500 worth a month and on Etsy, I am still working on going through the pictures of the items. I am also working on more things to put for sale on Etsy. I also have prints for sale on my EleanoraHoshiPhotos account.

If you are interested in buying, the item not listed in my eBay store at the moment is:
*1 Flute [Armstrong 104 for Students] + a beginners book for flute-playing (bonus CD is missing, but we are trying to find it and will add it if found) Requesting: $200

Lots of this stuff could make great Christmas gifts for your family and friends and will be up for sale until it sells.

If you can't buy anything, but would like to help, please share this journal with others who you think might be interested.

If you were too lazy to read all of that, I basically said that I need to raise $5k so that I can move to WA (from TN) and support myself while I look for work there. Doing it for health issues, furthering my education, and to be closer to my family, best friends, and boyfriend. To raise that money, I'm selling stuff on eBay at and on Etsy at… and I have prints of my photography for sale on my photography account EleanoraHoshiPhotos . Lots of the stuff I am selling could make great Christmas gifts for your family and friends and will be up for sale until it sells. I am working on more things to put in my Etsy shop and am still working on adding photos/prints to my photography account, so please check back in every so often. If you can't buy anything, but would like to help, please share this journal with others who you think might be interested.


Whooo~ Finally got around to uploading a bunch of pictures/photos/stock to all of my accounts. This, however, is not the end. I still have more pictures to sort through on my computer. As far as stock and art goes, I have uploaded all I will upload this weekend. I still have some more photography to upload, but I shall save that for Sunday.

In case anyone has noticed, yes, I have redone all of my commission journal entries. They are not done being worked on and none of my commissions are open as of yet. For some commissions, I would like to wait until I finish uploading pictures before I make more, as my "to sort" folder on my computer is already overflowing and I haven't even scanned in all that needs scanning. For others, I have other obligations of those sorts to finish before I can open up commissions.


All stock has been moved to the stock account and removed from this account. I have been working on reorganizing my gallery and redoing my commissions journal entry pages. All of the commission pages are unfinished, but the pricing and some other parts of them are up. I've been going through pictures to upload. Decided I will upload on weekends. Was going to this weekend, but I worked Saturday and have been working on hats this whole weekend. Haha... I'll have stuff ready to upload next weekend. By the way, when I say stuff to upload, I don't mean to just this account. I mean to one or more of my three (Regular, Stock, Photography).


I keep saying I need to do this, and I keep not doing it. That is, I need to upload this massive amount of ever-growing images before it gets out of hand. Actually, its already out of hand. I don't even know how many images I need to sort through and/or finish so that I can upload them. I was going through pictures today, and I realized that I have so many bases and images that I could upload as stock photos that it would be better if I made a separate account for stock images. Especially since I really do not want people getting my regular art or photography mixed up with my stock images.

Yes, my friends and watchers, that means that I will be removing ALL bases and ALL stock images on this account and my photography accound and re-uploading them onto a stock account. The new account is EleanoraHoshiStock .
I know a lot of people have favorited several of my basic body bases. I'll be updating the image of each one with the link to where to find the new location. I'll wait a month or so before I remove the deviation.

That being said, this shall be my project for a while.
I've also been working on cosplays and chainmaille, which I will get around to uploading images of eventually. I think. XD


Nintendo DS Friend Codes:

Rune Factory: 1
If anyone has the first Rune Factory for DS, feel free to send your friend code via note/private message (not in this journal) for trading items. I shall send my code upon receiving your message.

For those of you who don't know, trading levels up your items so that you can get more money for them when you sell them.

If you don't know how to add people's friend codes, go the Mystery Shell on the beach and click Friend Roster. To find your own code, click the Friend Code and it should be in the top screen. To add some else's code, click the Add button.

Poke'mon: Diamond & SoulSilver
I'm looking for fellow Poke'mon fans to trade with on these two games!


Like to read or write nicely written original stories, fan-fictions, poems, and/or song lyrics? Ella has an account on a website called Feel free to check out her profile on there here:… . (If that doesn't take you to Ella's profile, just type in Eleanora_Hoshi for the penname on that page and it will take you directly to her stories.) Or just visit the website to see if you would like to read some stories or join to post some of your own. Ella has found many very good fan-fictions on there, much better than on Quizilla.


Friends of Ella's are below, be sure to check out their profiles, too!

Ella's Best Friends:
:iconsoryko: & :iconrebeccannoying:

Ella's Family:
:icondehydromon: :iconcasimer-cyril: :iconlilnukee:

Ella's Other Real Life Friends:
:iconmilkforgod: :iconfullmetalgir: :iconstaramarianqueen: :iconfinalmassacre: :icongirlkirby: :iconkimoshu: :icondaniijadee: :iconkonekokaulitz:

My alternate accounts are:
Photography: :iconeleanorahoshiphotos:
Stock: :iconeleanorahoshistock:


Other Websites That I Like
Lunaescence (My Profile)    ..::..    DragonCave (My Scroll)    ..::..    Zantarni Pets (My Pets)    ..::..    Kingdom of Knuffle (Chimyu Hoshi)    ..::..    iScribble (EllaHoshi)

  • Listening to: Meditation Music
  • Reading: Whatever it is I\'m writing right now.
  • Watching: The words appearing on my laptop screen.
  • Playing: Mind Tricks on Your Brain
  • Eating: Homework
  • Drinking: Vitamin Water: Focus!


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... Wait, you wore it even in the summer heat? XD I guess the fabric is thin enough that it wouldn't make it too hot to wear. I'm going to be using thicker fleece (blizzard anti-pill, I think) once the fabric colors I have are used up, so some of my newer & many of my future hats will probably be too hot to wear in summer.

While I'm thinking about it, if you ever want to buy another hat, I am now selling through You can still contact me here on dA if you prefer, though. Since you have already commissioned me for something, I'm going to note you the code for my Etsy "Thank You Coupon" that gets sent to my Etsy customers when they make a purchase.
dreamylittlethings Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's nice and thin, yeah, but I wasn't wearing it outside, just pulled it off my shelf to play. I missed it, haven't been able to wear it since march. I'm looking forward to the chilly weather :3
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